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Sustainable Strategies for Safe Schools

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Stages of Change Model

School Board Research Partners

TVDSB Stages of Change

School Assessment Checklist

Developing a Safe School Plan for Your School

Ministry of Education Safe School Website

Bill 212

Shaping Safe Schools

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Thames Valley Surveys

  1. Safe Schools Survey - Elementary School
  2. Safe Schools Survey - Secondary School

Ministry of Education Surveys

Board Guidelines for Codes of Conduct

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Sample Reflective Response Form

Elementary Safe Schools Curriculum Resources

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Resources on Gender-based Violence


Professional Learning Communities

More about J.R. Henderson School

What facilitates sustainable change? What gets in the way? Opportunities and challenges!

Additional Resources

School-based Violence Prevention Programs - Preventing Violence Against Children and Youth (2005 Revesion): A Resource Manual

Falconer Report: The Road to Health: A Final Report on School Safety

Elementary and Secondary School Resource Documents

Administrator's Resource for Sustainable Strategies for Safe Schools

Professional Learning Communities

School Assessment Checklist for Principals (Rubric)

Safe Schools Continuum


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