Children Exposed to Domestic Violence: Reducing Harm and Preventing Tragedies

A conference for Justice (Crowns, Family Lawyers, Judges, Police & Probation) and Community Partners (VAW, PAR, CAS, Social Service, Education, Health & Mental Health) to enhance collaboration in Risk Assessment and Risk Management Strategies for children living with domestic violence held September 20, 2013 in London, Ontario.

The conference featured a number of speakers  including researchers and experts in the field to discuss risk management for children living in families experiencing domestic violence. 

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  • A Teacher's Handbook: Understanding Woman Abuse and its Effects on Children. Linda Baker and Peter Jaffe (2002).  This handbook contains:
    • information about woman abuse and its impact on children
    • signs that students may display when they are having difficulties
    • ways to support students and deal with challenging behaviours in school
  • The Centre for Children and Families in the Justice System has a number of resources to educate professionals regarding the impact of exposure to violence on children.  For more information about these resources go to:

Conference Presentations

Linda Baker
PPT: How supporting adult victims of domestic violence mitigates risk to children

Katreena Scott & Deborah SinClair
PPT: Identifying the Risk Factors that should Inform Assessment Practices

Angelique Jenney
PPT: Utilizing knowledge on protective factors for children to promote resiliency and recovery from trauma

Peter Jaffe
PPT: Lessons learned from domestic homicides about the need for risk assessment strategies: the Ontario Experience

Maddie Bell
PPT: Promising practices from the UK: The Domestic Violence Risk Identification Matrix - a multi-agency child-focused risk indicator tool

Susan Strega
PPT: Child safety in the context of domestic violence: What about the fathers?

Tim Kelly
PPT: Promising practices in reaching out to domestic violence perpetrators

Deborah Sinclair
PPT: Making fathers visible in CAS-VAW collaboration

Rachel Birnbaum
PPT: Promising practices in the family justice system response to children living with domestic violence

Pam Cross (No PowerPoint)
Strategies to address the policy and practice gaps between criminal and family justice systems

D/Sgt Kelly Grubb
PPT: Police response to children living with domestic violence: Challenges in coordination of criminal and family court proceedings