Awareness and Remembrance

Lessons Learned from the Nova Scotia Mass Casualty

June 06, 2023


On Thursday, June 1, 2023 CREVAWC held a Special Event on Lessons Learned from the Nova Scotia Mass Casualty presented by Emma Cunliffe, Kristina Fifield, and Serwaah Frimpong.

From April 18 to 19, 2020 the most lethal mass shooting in Canadian civilian history occurred in Nova Scotia. It resulted in 22 dead, one of whom was expecting a child at the time, and many more harmed and affected. In response, an independent public inquiry, called the Mass Casualty Commission, was created to examine the mass casualty and provide meaningful recommendations to help keep communities safer. The Commission recently released their Final Report where, due in part to community advocacy, Volume 3 connects the mass casualty to further pervasive forms of violence like intimate partner violence and coercive control.

In this event, panelists from the Commission and community in Nova Scotia come together to discuss the contributing and contextual factors, including the role of gender-based violence, to mass casualty events. They offer recommendations for prevention and effective intervention to support public safety and community well-being.

Click here for the recording