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Upcoming Parent Coordination Workshop
METRAC: Help Us Reach Patients Who have been Sexually Abused
PATHWAYS TO PREVENTION: A Conference on sexualized violence on campuses, cyber-harassment and bullying, research and innovative actions towards prevention
Upcoming Webinar: Is your workplace prepared to respond to domestic violence?
Workshop on Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence with Deborah Sinclair
CREVAWC Projects featured in Western News
Brown Bag Lunch: Closing the Circle - Women Survivors of Sexual Violence & Partner Abuse: Exploring Transformative Learning through Social Action Participation
It's Not Right! Changing Attitudes, Changing Responses

NEW RELEASE: Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence Online Training

This new training has been developed for front-line responders and service providers in the law enforcement, social work, and education sectors.  The overarching training outcome is to develop effective responses to victims/survivors who report or/disclose experiences of sexual violence that will sustain support and intervention from that point forward.  Click the image below to learn more and access both the One Hour Introduction and the Full Comprehensive Training.

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