COVID-19 and Violence Against Women & Children

Violence against women and children represents one of the most significant societal issues that endangers Canadians' health and well-being. COVID-19 has made these problems more severe. The increased risks of harm and vulnerability of abused women and children is obvious. International research has documented the increase in domestic violence and child abuse during crises such as the current pandemic.

Social distancing and isolation means that victims have less access to the support of friends and family and reduced availability of police and health care. Many victims and children are now isolated with the very individuals who abuse them. That increases their daily exposure to potential abuse and produces new means of control for abusive partners and parents.

Organizations across Canada that work to end violence against women and children are responding to this crisis with the support of new federal and provincial/territorial government funding. There has been a rapid response to search for and to promote innovative strategies to cope with this pandemic. The Centre has been part of several initiatives to support services, enhance public and professional education, support workplaces and  develop research on effective community responses.

We will post updates on our initiatives here:

CREVAWC Initiatives

Learning Network Backgrounder: COVID-19 & Gender-based Violence in Canada:  Key Issues and Recommendations
This backgrounder examines how COVID-19 may create pathways and barriers leading to gender-based violence and violence against women and children.  It highlights key recommendations for responding to these issues, with a specific focus on the Canadian context.  

DV@Work Network Briefings
A series of short briefings intended for stakeholders from the world of work (companies, employers, business associations, workers and trade unions). These briefings are also relevant for the policies and actions of international organisations, government agencies, NGOs and domestic violence support organisations.

Learning Network Backgrounder: Keep Children Safe from Online Sexual Exploitation & Abuse During the Pandemic
This backgrounder examines potential increased risks for online sexual exploitation and abuse of children during the COVID-19 pandemic and provides strategies for parents to keep children safe.

Learning Network Resources on Gender-Based Violence and the COVID-19 Pandemic
This Learning Network webpage is a centralized hub for resources related to Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and the COVID-19 pandemic. It shares the work of organizations across Canada, as well as key international research.

Learning Network BackGrounder: Keeping Children Safe Suring the COVID-19 Pandemic
This backgrounder shares important considerations and strategies for keeping children who may be at an increased risk of experiencing abuse or maltreatment safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learning Network Infographic: Intimate Partner Violence in a Pandemic: COVID-19-Related Controlling Behaviours
This infographic shares how the control and intimidation tactics already used by partners who cause harm, can be compounded by their use of COVID-19-related controlling behaviours.

Learning Network Infographic: 3 Considerations for Supporting Women Experiencing Intimate Partner Violence During the COVID-19 Pandemic
This infographic shares three considerations when supporting women experiencing intimate partner violence during the COVID-19 pandemic.

MIOB Blog Post: How Employers Can Help when Home Isn’t Safe: Domestic Violence and COVID-19
As the spread of COVID-19 forces Canadians to stay home, people who live with an abusive parent or partner are at increased risk of violence. Employers have a role to play in ensuring that their employees stay as safe as possible...

NFF Blog Post: Domestic Violence as Contagion
In Nova Scotia, reporting on the massacre of twenty-two people revealed that the attacks started with the violent assault of the killer’s girlfriend. Even after that critical information was released, the connection between the mass killing and domestic violence is not being made clearly and consistently...

NFF Blog Post: The Impact of Coronavirus on Victims of Family Violence
The recent worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 has brought about something that most of us have never seen before: a near complete shut-down of daily life as we know it. Schools and daycare centres have been shuttered; restaurants, nightclubs, concert halls, and other businesses have been forced to close their doors; some companies are having employees work from home, while others have laid off workers indefinitely. While these closures are necessary in order to stop a devastating spread of this virus, there is a stark and equally devastating side effect to this reality that many people are fortunate enough to know nothing about: an increase in family violence...

Pandemic Research & Education on Violence Against Women & Children

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UN Women

COVID-19 and violence against women What the health sector/system can do
World Health Organization

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Pandemics and Violence Against Women and Children
Amber Peterman, Alina Potts, Megan O’Donnell, Kelly Thompson, Niyati Shah, Sabine Oertelt-Prigione, and Nicole van Gelder

Violence against women and girls data collection during COVID-19
UN Women

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