Research Associates

In keeping with our commitment to collaborative research partnerships between diverse communities and the academic community, the Centre has established three affiliations:

These Research Associate positions provide an official affiliation to the Centre for Research and Education on Violence Against Women and Children, and to the University of Western Ontario. These positions formalize the relationship between those who recognize the many contributions of the work the Centre made by diverse community members and academic researchers.

The Centre reviews and accepts Research Associates for a renewable three year term on an ongoing basis which must be approved by the Centre’s Advisory Board. Please contact Maly at for more information.

Benefits and Privileges attached to Research Associate Status

Research Associate status with the Centre allows for the following benefits and privileges:

  • Affiliation with a dynamic research centre of academic and community partners committed to social justice and anti-violence work
  • Web space
  • Privileges at Western libraries
  • Email access


Research Associates are expected to contribute to the work of the Centre in some of the following ways:

  • Seek partnerships with faculty and community groups for anti-violence education and research projects
  • Involve your students and/or your community agency in Centre projects and activities
  • Acknowledge the Centre in any research reports or publications undertaken in collaboration with the Centre
  • Potential involvement in other Centre activities, committees and projects