Advisory Board

Responsibilities of the Advisory Board:

  • Ensuring that the Centre promotes and develops community-centred action research guided by feminist principles, especially by the recognition of the relationship between violence against women and children and the context of systemic inequality and injustice in which it thrives
  • Meeting a minimum of two times per year
  • Ensuring that research activities are relevant to community concerns and the diverse nature of all the communities affected by violence against women and children
  • Ensuring the activities of the Centre are committed to collaboration in local, national and international research initiatives by maintaining links with the founding partners, community based organizations in London and the Alliance of Research Centres
  • Ensuring appropriate recognition of  contributions made by researchers, students and community partners
  • Receiving reports from the Centre staff
  • Recommending the appointment of new Research Associates (academic and community) to the Centre Directors.
  • The Centre reviews and accepts Research Associates for a renewable three year term on an ongoing basis which must be approved by the Centre’s Advisory Board.

Management Committee

Responsibilities of the Management Committee

  • Review and approve the annual budget.
  • Approve the annual report
  • Identify fundraising priorities.
  • Develop strategies to increase the integration of the Centre into the Faculty of Education through shared initiatives and resources.
  • Consult with the Advisory Committee on emerging and ongoing initiatives.
  • The Management Committee will meet at least two times per year (fall, winter and spring) and more often if necessary.

Advisory Board Members

Gloria Alvernaz Mulcahy, Ex Officio
Professor Emerita, Western University
Larissa Bartlett
Equity Services, Western University
Dani Bartlett
Co-Chair of the London Coordinating Committee to End Woman Abuse
Helene Berman, Ex Officio
Associate Dean, Research, Faculty of Health Sciences, Western University
Pat Bethune-Davies
Professor, Fanshawe College
Shannon Brothers
Supervisor, Indigenous Services
Children’s Aid Society of London and Middlesex
Nancy Bjerring
Professor Emeritus, Fanshawe College
Marilyn Ford-Gilboe
Professor & Women's Health Research Chair in Rural Health,
Faculty of Health Sciences & Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
Dermot Hurley
Assistant Professor, School of Social Work
Kings University College, Western University
Donna Kotsopoulos, Ex Officio
Dean, Faculty of Education

Tim Kelly
Executive Director, Changing Ways
Leah Marshall
Sexual Violence Prevention Officer,
Fanshawe College
Valerie Oosterveld, Chair of the Committee
Professor, Faculty of Law
Western University
Kate Stewart 
Executive Director, Daya Counselling Centre
Amanda Zavitz-Gocan
Professor, Fanshawe College

Management Committee

Perry Klein
Associate Dean (Research)
Faculty of Education, Western University

Jason Brown
Professor, Faculty of Education

Katey Senese
Financial Officer, Faculty of Education

Vaughan Radcliffe
Professor, Ivey Business School

Donna Kotsopoulos
Dean, Faculty of Education