Recognizing Critical Expertise in Gender-Based Violence Work

This project focuses on intimate partner violence (IPV), a major dimension of gender-based violence (GBV). The overarching goal is to highlight the expertise of the Canadian GBV specialist sector. GBV specialists will form three Expert Working Groups that include those who work with women survivors, those who support children exposed to IPV, and the facilitators of IPV groups for men that harm their partners and children.   

Working with the GBV Expert Working Groups, we will identify a national set of core capacities that will be helpful to GBV organizations as they continue to design and implement sustainable and relevant training to strengthen collaborative community responses.  

The Expert Working Groups will review and synthesize knowledge on key GBV capacities from a range of sources that will reinforce and build on the foundational work done by community-based organizations in different regions of Canada. A consensus building process will be used to reduce the number of identified capacities to a core set of GBV skills and knowledge. Consideration will be given to how these capacities are demonstrated in practice. GBV specialist groups will work both independently and together and will be engaged in the creation and distribution of knowledge from the outset of the project through to completion. 

GBV Expert Working Groups

The work of this project will be supported by three Working Groups which will be working both separately and together.

Research Team

Principal Investigators:

  • Linda Baker
  • Peter Jaffe
  • Angelique Jenney
  • Katreena Scott

Research Assistants:

  • Olivia Cullen
  • Nina Frampton
  • Jenna Lopez
  • Tessie Mastorakos
  • Nicole Pietsch

Project Coordinator:

  • Anna-Lee Straatman

Project Resources

Core Competencies Resources