Sexual Violence

Addressing Sexual Violence: Changing Attitudes, Changing Lives.
June 23-24, 2011, Delta Toronto West Hotel, Toronto, Ontario

More than 160 people attended the Addressing sexual violence: Changing attitudes, changing lives forum on June 23-24, 2011 in Toronto, Ontario. The forum was coordinated by the Centre for Research & Education on Violence against Women & Children and hosted by Action Ontarienne contre la violence fait aux femmes and the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres. Funding for this event was provided by the Government of Ontario through the Ontario Women's Directorate.
The Ontario government launched the Sexual Violence Action Plan in March 2011 and has committed funds to developing public education campaigns to prevent sexual violence against women. Forum participants were invited to examine sexual violence public education programs from Ontario and other jurisdictions; share expertise on innovative and effective ways to educate others about sexual violence and preventing sexual violence; and work towards identifying approaches that will work best in Ontario.

Overcoming Barriers and Enhancing Supportive Responses: The Research on Sexual Violence against Women. A Resource Document. 
Linda Baker, Marcie Campbell & Anna-Lee Straatman (2012)
This review of the literature on sexual violence flows from the Ontario government’s Sexual Violence Action Plan: Changing Attitudes, Changing Lives. The goal was to create a resource document to support the development of introductory training on sexual violence, including supportive responses to victims/survivors who disclose experiences of sexual violence. Topics covered include: understanding sexual violence; rape myths; consequences experienced by survivors; barriers to disclosure; safe and supportive responses to disclosures. 

This infographic developed by the Learning Network depicts what is and is not consent.