Tim Kelly, B.A.

Tim Kelly
Community Research Associate

Tim Kelly is the Executive Director of Changing Ways , a program for men who abuse women in London and Middlesex County, Chatham/Kent County and St. Thomas/Elgin County. He has spoken nationally and internationally on issues related to violence against women and children and community collaborations.

His interest has recently turned in two directions, the first is to expanding the scope of community collaboration and has been working on a Provincial initiative, Neighbours, Friends and Families, a project that provides woman abuse information, training and support to neighbours, friends and families who live with and support abused women. Secondly, his clinical direction has turned to working with maltreating fathers in partnership with the university, the justice system, woman's advocates and children's advocates to develop and implement Caring Dad's: Helping father value their children, an intervention program with fathers who abuse their children or have exposed their children to woman abuse.

He has also worked broadly with many communities both locally and internationally to develop a frame work for community collaboration and coordination with a focus of ending violence against women and children.