Paul F. Tremblay, PhD

Paul Tremblay
Academic Research Associate

Academic Research Associate
Assistant Professor, Psychology
Western University

Dr. Paul Tremblay is an assistant professor in the Psychology department at Western since 2013. Previously he was a scientist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health for 10 years, conducting research on drinking patterns, aggression, and depressive symptoms in university student populations and collaborating with other academic research associates on a survey of university and college students’ negative experiences. Paul has recently developed a number of advanced research methods and statistics courses at the graduate level as well as an undergraduate course in qualitative research methods. He is committed to developing the best curriculum and research training for students who will be the next generation of researchers working on the problem of violence from multidisciplinary angles. He continues to collaborate with colleagues and students investigating violence, aggression, and mental health primarily in projects that require his methodological expertise.

Examples of collaborations:

Snowshoe, A., Crooks, C. V., Tremblay, P. F., Craig, W. M., & Hinson, R. E. (in press). Exploring culture as a resiliency factor in First Nations youth mental health: Development of a conceptual and operational model of cultural connectedness. Psychological Assessment.

Tremblay, P. F., Graham, K., Wells, S., Harris, R., Pulford, R., & Roberts, S. E. (2010). When do college students drink most during the first academic year? An internet based study of daily and weekly drinking. Journal of American College Health, 58, 401-411.

Tremblay, P. F., Harris, R., Berman, H., MacQuarrie, B., Hutchinson, G., Smith, M.-A., Braley, S., Jelley, J., & Dearlove, K. (2008). Negative social experiences of university and college students. Canadian Journal of Higher Education, 38, 57-75.

Zarbatany, L., Tremblay, P. F., Ellis, W. E., Kinal, M. P. A., Boyko, L., Chen, X., & Ji, E. Observing the Interactional Experiences of Victimized Children and Early Adolescents in Their Peer Cliques. Paper presented at the Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development March 19-21, 2015, Philadelphia, PA.