Mandy Bonisteel

Community Research Associate

Mandy Bonisteel has worked as an anti-violence advocate, consultant and therapist for over 20 years. She has worked with both survivors and perpetrators of violence. Her international work includes: trauma support and community development training with women in Kosovo; NGO capacity building and Family Medicine Nursing curriculum development in Bosnia and Herzegovina; trianing and curriculum recommendations for nurses and social workers in Namibia involed in anti-violence work; consultancy regarding governmental reform (CEDAW) implementation in Azerbaijan and; participatory gender research presentations at the Association for Women in Development in Mexico. This paper "Measuring Empowerment - The Application of an Empowerment Model to Nursing Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina" is available here.

In Ontario, she authored the Ontario CAS/VAW Collaborative Curriculum for workers supporting children who have witnessed women abuse, developed the Respect-At-Work training materials for CRVAW and delivers curriculum design training to educators. Mandy coordinates the Assulted Women's and Children's Counsellor/Advocate Program at George Brown College, a unique combination of feminist counselling and social justice courses that combine the skills of support and activism needed to advocate for women, their children, and their communities. Mandy teaches on-line as well as in the classroom and has considerable experience working in diverse environments as well as with diverse learning communities with varying needs. Mandy is a recipient of the Ontario Medal of Citizenship.


Bonisteel, M. and Green, L. (2005). Implications Of The Shrinking Space For Feminist Anti-Violence Advocacy. Fredericton, New Brunswick : Canadian Social Welfare Policy Conference.