Laurence Lustman, LLM

Community Research Associate

Independent Legal Consultant

Laurence Lustman is a lawyer with over twenty years experience in the areas of domestic violence and the criminal law.  Most recently, Laurence was Counsel at the Criminal Law Policy Branch of the Ministry of the Attorney General. In that capacity she provided strategic and operational leadership on violence against women issues, initiatives, and programs and was responsible for the development of provincial-level domestic violence and sexual violence policies for the prosecution service of Ontario. Laurence was involved in the development of criminal law initiatives for Ontario’s Sexual Violence Action Plan, the development and implementation of high-risk committees across the province, and was a member of the Planning and Community Advisory Committees of the Integrated Domestic Violence Court in Toronto and of the Federal Provincial Territorial Working Group on Family Violence. She worked closely with other divisions and ministries, the police, and non-governmental agencies, providing criminal law input on violence against women issues.

Laurence began her career as an Assistant Crown Attorney prosecuting a wide range of criminal offences, including domestic violence and sexual offences. In 1997, Laurence became the Domestic Violence Coordinator for the North York courthouse, Toronto. She ran the Domestic Violence Early Intervention Court, the first of its kind in Ontario, and was responsible for the implementation and operation of the Domestic Violence Coordinated Prosecution Court. Laurence received her Master of Laws degree from Osgoode Hall Law School; her research explored ways of integrating the voices of domestic violence victims into the criminal justice system. Laurence now works as an independent consultant specializing in the area of policy development, domestic violence and the criminal law. She is also a member of the Office for Victims of Crime.