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The Centre operates with an Academic Director and Community Director and various support staff.  We benefit from the support of our Community and Academic Research Associates and various project staff.



Linda Baker

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Dr. Baker is the Learning Director at the Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women & Children at Western University in London, Ontario. She is past Director of the Centre for Children and Families in the Justice System (the London Family Court Clinic), a role she held for 10 years. Her research and clinical work have involved adolescent/adult offenders and children/adults who have been victims of abuse and involved with mental services or the criminal and family court systems. She has co-authored numerous publications/resources related to intimate partner violence (IPV) exposed children and families, including Walk Proud, Dance Proud: Footprints on a Healing Journey; Helping Children Thrive: Supporting Woman Abuse Survivors as Mothers; and Helping an Abused Woman: 101 things to Know, Say and Do.  Her most recent work focuses on the application of intersectionality to research with and services for children exposed to IPV and the evaluation of IPV training programs.  Currently, she leads the Centre’s knowledge mobilization, translation and exchange initiatives—the Learning Network, a provincial initiative in Ontario, and the Knowledge Hub, a national initiative related to trauma-informed health promotion for survivors of IPV and child maltreatment. Dr. Baker enjoys teaching undergraduate and graduate students in the Faculty of Education at Western University, and presents internationally to judges, lawyers, mental health professionals, and educators. Since 2000, Dr. Baker has been a faculty member with the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges and Futures Without Violence in the US program Enhancing Judicial Skills in Domestic Violence Cases.


Learning Director

Peter Jaffe

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Dr. Peter Jaffe supports the overall functioning of the Centre in terms of funding, mentoring graduate students and promoting the Centre's work to the Faculty of Education, Western and partners across Canada.


Academic Director

Barbara MacQuarrie

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Barb develops and promotes evidence based education and prevention initiatives involving both community-based and university-based partners. She has presented to a wide variety of audiences locally, nationally and internationally about gendered violence and strategies to address it. She has published in numerous journals, created on-line trainings and produced films on topics related to violence and abuse. Barb coordinated the first national Canadian study on the impacts of domestic violence on workers and the workplace. Barb is a recipient of the Order of Ontario, the province’s highest official honour, recognizing individual excellence and achievement.


Community Director



Elsa Barreto

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Elsa is the Multi-Media Specialist at the Centre.  She supports all the Centre projects by providing website development; social media maintenance; webinar support; email communications; graphic design; audio & video editing; online training development & support and other special projects. 


Multi-media Specialist

Maly Bun-Lebert

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Maly is the Centre Manager, overseeing financial and human resources oversight of administrative, project and research accounts for the Centre.


Manager (on leave)

Dianne Lalonde

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Dianne engages in research and knowledge mobilization at the Learning Network. Her role involves the production and dissemination of special reports, newsletters, learning briefs, infographics, and related materials.


Research Associate

Sara Mohamed

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As Research Coordinator for the Knowledge Hub project, Sara contributes to and coordinates content for publications, social media platforms and the website. Additionally, Sara provides support for webinars, meetings, conferences and other project-related activities.


Research Coordinator

Barbara Potter

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Barb is the Administrative Coordinator for CREVAWC. She provides office administration; financial & human resources support; event coordination and project administration to the Centre.


Administrative Coordinator

Aleksandra Rakic

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Aleksandra is the Digital Communications Assistant at the Centre. She supports all the Centre projects by providing graphic design, social media maintenance, audio/video editing, online training development and support on other special projects that arise.


Digital Communications Assistant

Anna-Lee Straatman

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Anna-Lee is Project Manager for the Canadian Domestic Homicide Prevention Initiative with Vulnerable Populations project funded by the Social Sciences Humanities Research Council under the Directorship of Peter Jaffe; and for the Knowledge Hub: Maximizing Impact by Connecting Research and Practice in Trauma-Informed Health Promotion project funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada, under the directorship of Linda Baker. She is responsible for administrative, financial and human resource management of the projects. She is also a contributor to the knowledge mobilization efforts for both projects.


Project Manager

Jassamine Tabibi

Headshot of Jassamine Tabibi

Jassamine is the Research Coordinator for the Knowledge Hub and Learning Network projects at CREVAWC. She supports the Knowledge Hub’s Community of Practice, knowledge exchange and transfer activities for its members and the development of common process and outcome indicators for trauma-informed health promotion projects funded through the Public Health Agency of Canada. Jassamine also supports the Provincial Resource Group at the Learning Network with its knowledge exchange and transfer activities.


Research Coordinator



Randal David

Headshot of Randal David

Randal works primarily on the Canadian Domestic Homicide Prevention Initiative with Vulnerable Populations (CDHPIVP) project with Dr. Peter Jaffe, specifically looking at two populations: immigrants/refugees and children exposed to domestic violence. He also assists Dr. Jaffe with other ongoing projects at CREVAWC. rdavid5@uwo.ca

Sakthi Kalaichandran

Headshot of Sakthi Kalaichandran

Sakthi Kalaichandran is an MA Counselling Psychology student in the Faculty of Education at Western University. Her thesis is investigating the risk factors of domestic homicide in vulnerable populations, specifically those factors that are present in immigrant/refugee populations. Sakthi completed her BA Hons. Degree in International Relations at Western University and, in the program’s capstone research project, collaborated with her peers to develop a Team A/Team B policy proposal involving post-conflict peacekeeping initiatives in war torn regions. She also earned her BA Hons. in Psychology at Brock University, where she investigated the HEXACO personality predictors for a major depressive episode as a thesis student and research assistant. She is looking forward to pursuing her thesis at the Centre and having the opportunity to address the multifaceted components of domestic violence. skalaic@uwo.ca

Natalia Musielak

Headshot of Natalia Musielak

Natalia Musielak is a current MA Counselling Psychology student in the Faculty of Education Program at the University of Western Ontario. She holds a Bachelor of Arts, Joint Honours degree in Psychology and French from the University of Waterloo. Her previous research experience includes work with the University of Waterloo Gambling Research Lab, as well as the Self-Knowledge & Interpersonal Perception Lab (SKIP) at the University of Toronto (Mississauga). Natalia’s thesis will be investigating children as victims of domestic homicide under the supervision of Dr. Peter Jaffe. nmusiela@uwo.ca

Casey Oliver

Headshot of Casey Oliver

Casey Oliver is a current MA student in the Counselling Psychology program in the Faculty of Education at Western University. She attended the University of Waterloo to obtain her bachelor degree in science. Her undergraduate thesis was in cognitive neuroscience. Specifically, she examined emotional face processing by utilizing electro-encephalogram and eye-tracking technology. She has additional research experience in applied, cognitive and clinical psychology. Casey is hoping to investigate lethal domestic violence in the workplace under the supervision of Dr. Peter Jaffe. colive27@uwo.ca

Laura Olszowy

Headshot of Laura Olszowy

As a research assistant for the Domestic Violence @ Work Network, Laura engages in work that supports the efforts of an international network which seeks to develop knowledge on the impact of domestic violence in the workplace. Laura is also a graduate student under the supervision of Dr. Peter Jaffe. lolszowy2@gmail.com

Katherine (Kay) Reif

Headshot of Katherine Reif

Katherine is a graduate student supervised by Dr. Peter Jaffe and a Research Assistant working on the Canadian Domestic Homicide Prevention Initiative with respect to child homicides that occur in the context of domestic violence. She also assists Dr. Jaffe with other related projects at the Centre. kreif@uwo.ca

Michael Saxton

Headshot of Michael Saxton

Michael is a graduate student at the Centre working under the supervision of Dr. Peter Jaffe. The majority of his work focuses on researching domestic violence and the workplace; he works on various projects through the Centre including the Domestic Violence @ Work Network. msaxton@uwo.ca